Babes Who Bad-Ass: "Once you take that first step, the world is yours and you can, quite literally, do anything." --- Heidi Lynne on confidence & taking action!

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Heidi Lynne is both a babe who loves to travel and a B.A.B.E (Bad-Ass Building Empires)! Heidi helps businesses and organizations strengthen their recruiting process, build and onboard powerful teams, create engaging employee experiences and develop leaders from within. So bad-ass!

Please introduce yourself in 2-5 sentences.
I help driven creative women entrepreneurs build a business that scales so they have the freedom to create their own schedules and more time to travel the world, and spend time with their family.

What made you start your blog/Instagram/business?
I wanted more time in my life to do the things I love. I wanted to make a massive impact empowering women globally to conquer their past, rise up, chase their dreams and shatter the glass ceiling.

What's your biggest goal as a creator/blogger/business owner?
To empower the lives of creative women all over the globe while I help them build a sustainable business that leaves a legacy.

What's your biggest challenge as a creator/blogger/business owner?
I'm very passionate to what I do and committed to the women I help so I tend to sacrifice my work-life balance to help them succeed. I don't see it as a negative though!

If you can share one tip for someone who also wants to start their own blog/Instagram/business, what would it be?
The scariest thing is just getting started and taking that first step. Once you take that first step, the world is yours and you can, quite literally, do anything.

Heidi Lynne is a Babe Who Bad-Ass:

Dream destination
Living it! Berlin.

Favourite item in your closet
My pink fur cape.

Your favourite beverage
Polar Seltzer water Original.

What you are currently obsessed with
Mastering PR for my business and teaching my clients how to do theirs, too.

What/Who inspires you the most
My accountability partner turned best business friend: Karlene.

What is the best Christmas present you have ever received
A scrapbook of all my travels so I could have all of my memories in one place and continue to add to it as I travel.

"The greatest challenge I see for aspiring and new entrepreneurs is they carry the trauma from their past and it prevents them from feeling worthy and taking action. They lack the confidence to promote themselves or they continue giving services away for free.

I've battled a traumatic childhood that bled into my adult life and I was able to conquer that and help my clients do the same.

It's possible. You ARE worthy and you DO deserve to get paid for your passion. Just keep going!"

Connect with Heidi Lynne!

Instagram: @heidilynneco
Facebook Profile: @heidilynneconsulting
Facebook Page: @heidilynneco
Facebook Group:  The Global B.L.E.N.D.


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