I Heart Fancy Free is a statement jewellery boutique that allows you to dream up your very own style and transform your outfits, one pair of earrings at a time. This is for the free-spirited, badass and creative. That's you! :) 

You are here to make a statement.

You are the ⭐of your life.

You are here to design and live your best life.

Because every day of your life looks so different.

One day, you could be...

At a little cobblestone cafe in Paris, taking in the fresh smell of croissants and coffee.. People watching, laughing, conversations with your girlfriends..

The next day you are..

In a long black gown, champagne in hand, at a glamorous party.. Cue romantic lights, gorgeous people all around and soft, jazzy music..

And the following day you are..

Weaving in and out of human traffic on the busy streets of New York to get to work.. Silk blouse, pencil sharp skirt and pointy slingback heels. You look amazing..

I Heart Fancy Free jewellery are for #babeswhobadass at every event of their lives. Whether is it a lazy weekend, busy work day or a glamorous evening out, we've got the perfect piece to transform your outfit and take it to the next level.

Make a statement, go all bling-ed out or stay effortlessly chic. That's what we are here for.


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When you buy I Heart Fancy Free, you're also reducing your (and our!) environmental footprint

We curate all of our styles and products, offering a limited quantity for each style/product. At the same time, we aim to reduce our environmental footprint by doing away with branded packaging, minimise our packaging materials and ship directly from our brands and manufacturers. By doing so, we also reduce our overhead costs and pass on the savings directly to you! :) We also encourage you to recycle your packaging by putting it into your local recycling bin.

Here's what we save on when we doing away with branded packaging, minimise our packaging materials and ship directly from our brands and manufacturers:

  • Printing ink & materials
  • Potential wastage due to printing errors and having to meet the minimum order quantity
  • Fuel, pollution and even more packaging due to shipping the packaging materials to us
  • Tape and even more packaging materials used to package your purchases
  • When we ship directly from our brands & manufacturers, we eliminate the costs of having to meet a minimum order quantity and additional costs of having to ship the products to us, and therefore are able to pass on these savings to you too.

Rest assured, the shipment of all your purchases are fully trackable, safe and secure. For more information on how to track your purchases, click here to visit our FAQs page.